John Hartman

John Hartman: Shawanaga to Norgate — Doris McCarthy, 2014

Shawanaga to Norgate — Doris McCarthy, 2014, oil on linen, 60 x 66 inches

Shawanaga to Norgate — Doris McCarthy

Doris McCarthy really belongs in the previous painting but it was already crowded. So here she is, a little north of the island cottage she built and used as her summer studio for decades. If an inlet on the Bay has road access, it usually has a fishing lodge at the end of the road on the water. In Nares Inlet it is Springhaven Lodge and the image of the man holding up a northern pike is taken there. The stretch of shoreline north of Nares and Bayfield Inlet is very dangerous to boat when the wind is blowing hard from the west. On Thanksgiving weekend an experienced boater swamped his new Stanley launch and came close to drowning with his wife and elderly parents. His boat, which was destroyed by the waves on the rocks, floats upside down above the Naiscoot River. On the horizon Gard Shelley starts his circumnavigation of Georgian Bay in a laser sailboat. A hand points north.